Welcome to Fairfurt Marketplace Affiliate/Referral Programme.

Perfect For Individuals, Local Churches, Marketers, Shops, Office Workers, Health Centres, Sports Groups etc.

Recommend a customer

Customer Referral Programme

Referral - The Customer Referral Programme is meant for anyone interested in promoting/recommending a customer/or products sold in our marketplace. Our referral partners get paid a commission for customers who they direct to us and signed up or who purchase any thing on our platform.

Recommend a seller

Vendor Affiliate Partners

Affiliate - The Vendor Affiliate Programme is meant for anyone interested in promoting/recommending a vendors/sellers to our marketplace. Our affiliate partners get paid a commission for business owners who they direct to us to open a free store or any order placed by following affiliate user url.

Affiliate / Referral Programme

How does it work?

Reward Shopping - So Much Loved!


After registration, your affiliate code and affiliate site url will be waiting for you under your affiliate manage page. Your friends can register via your link


Earn commission by connecting your audience to products they love. Share millions of products & create content with popular brands, deals, promos.


Spread the word & cash in on every qualifying purchase made through your links. Maximize your earnings and leverage your network following our transparent commission-rate.

DescriptionsRateEarning Potential
New Sellers / VendorsEach₦500
New Customer Sign UpEach₦500
Referred OrderPer Order1% of order value
Website VisitEach visitN/A

*Note: New Vendor / Seller must open a free store with a minimum of 1 to 10 items to sell. Vendor / Sellers verification may be carried out.

Earn Money for Promoting Fairfurt Marketplace!

Our affiliate programme is FREE to join.

Fairfurt NG affiliate web program will allow other individuals, businesses, organisations and websites to earn commissions on products sold on the company’s website for promoting or referring their site visitors to our website through links to the homepage or to specific products. Our affiliate NG programme is FREE to join. You could earn up to ₦50,000.

Commission is earned on each qualifying sale (excluding tax, delivery, returns and cancellations) on sales attributed to their account using their unique code. Earn a commission for every customer you discover and information you share, when you sign up to become a Fairfurt NG Affiliate.

We will provide you (at request) with a selection of promotional material such as Banners, Instagram square and Facebook banners to use on your site, we can even personalise this.