Restricted products I cannot sell on Fairfurt Nigeria

Restricted Products violations can result in the removal of your selling privileges. To ensure that your account remains in good standing, you should make sure that you are aware of any policies or restrictions that apply to the products you sell and respond quickly to notifications that you receive.

Prohibited products:

  • Weapons, including but not limited to:

Firearms and all associated parts, kits and ammunition; realistic imitation firearms; air weapons, air guns, BB guns and airsoft guns (not including toy guns, provided they are not realistic imitation firearms)

Spear guns; mace; black powder, and all explosives

Crossbows (all types, but not including toy crossbows that shoot plastic/foam darts)

Offensive weapons

Any ammunition, kits, spares, or accessories for any of the above

  • Currency, valid invoices from any country. Fake money and every product which counterfeit financial instruments.
  • Every financial instrument disapproved by applicable financial controlling authorities
  • Stolen or counterfeit goods
  • Illegal substances and products sold to produce, modify or consume illegal substances. Drugs, medicines, steroids…
  • Plants and animals threatened by extinction. Fur, organs, part of animals…
  • Any explosive material
  • Flammable material
  • Fireworks, ammunitions and every manual which would explain how to build bombs and explosives
  • Articles considered as being part of the historic patrimony
  • Every article related to hacking
  • Weapons and items related to ammunitions, bullets…
  • Fake IDS, fake birth certificate, driving license… Or any fake documents
  • Organs
  • Items related to paedophilia, pornography, naked children…
  • Therapies
  • Every item which contravene to intellectual property

It is your responsibility to carefully review Fairfurt Nigeria policies and applicable laws before listing a product. Laws change frequently, so vendors should monitor regulatory changes and take appropriate action. 

Fairfurt Nigeria will enforce, the following:

  1. 100,000 Naira fine on detection of a listed replica or fake item.
  2. Suspension of your selling privileges, or regulatory fines.