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Shining the light to a superior service

Fairfurt Logistics specializes in seamlessly door to door customized solutions to meet complex and rapidly evolving logistics & supply chain needs, whatever your sector or industry.


We cover the entire spectrum of consumer, individual and business needs. Our areas of expertise support our customers’ who grace the worlds of fashion, sport & footwear, cosmetics & personal care, luxury goods, publishing, home equipment and furnishings, household products, technology and eCommerce marketplaces.

We Can Even run your errands for you

From grocery delivery, Flower pick up & delivery, Prescription/Medication Pick-up, Dry-cleaning/Launderette – drop off and collection, Clothes and Tailoring pick-ups & drop offs to Meal pick-up (any hotel / restaurant of choice), and the list goes on!

Dig deep to an unrivalled services

Through our lean culture, operational excellence & exceptional customer services, we meet the demands for operational efficiency and flexibility, ensuring your business or personal logistics needs are professionally delivered. 

Our ability to structure operations around customers’ KPIs and robust industry experience help us stay focused on your specific logistics needs and deliver value-added service.

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Pay Less

Pay up to 30% less. Fairfurt Logistics guarantees low price for all your deliveries while maintaining our top-quality service.

E-commerce Logistics

We know e-commerce, it's in our DNA. We build it in as standard. As your business grows, we grow with you. We offer grade A+ service levels to meet your urgent requirements.

Faster & Cheaper

Where our competitors tell you their usual stories, of how this or that happened, we triumph. We are fair, faster and cheaper, making sure we always bring you opportunities that comes with a faster & cheaper logistics.

All in One

From marketplace platform to logistics, Fairfurt Nigeria will provide you with a cost effective solution for all of your logistics needs. 

Deliver the Right Solution

We understand that the logistics sector is competitive and fast-paced, so you need a logistics provider that can deliver the right solutions and add value to your supply chain strategy.

Experienced and Trusted

Expanding your business or personal needs or adapting quickly to a changing marketplace, requires an experienced and trusted partner that can quickly provides solutions and implement them at speed.